I am getting increasingly short-tempered with my mom. I love her, no, I adore her. However her constant nagging and self-pity are driving me up the wall.

Typical of me, I keep quite and ignore until I cannot take it anymore, then I blow up- and she wonders what happened poor thing. Then she gets upset and I get more upset.



Entitled Colleagues

I am facing more and more colleagues who feel a high, though misguided sense of entitlement. they go about bossing everyone or expecting others to do their work. Such an incident happened a few hours ago

Colleague: A, the link to the website is wrong

Me (A): You mean this link? This was given by B, who is in your team

Colleague: How can he give you the link? He is so new

Me (A): Well I presume he would have liaised with you guys. Anyway we have C’s approval

Colleague: Well it’s wrong

Me: Can you guys as a team discuss what link you want put up and let me know?

Colleague: Love, am trying to help you….that’s the link I gave!

Me: I got the new link you gave but is the team OK with it?

Colleague: Love, am trying to help you! Anyway, it’s not my business. I have urgent work. Bye

Now…what was that about???