What is anger and why do we get angry? This is been a question which keeps coming to my mind every time I get angry; which is quite often. As a close colleague once said “You ‘don’t suffer fools do you?”, I get angry if people are not rational and logical and start getting emotional.

However, herein lies the question. An issue which is rational to be may be irrational to another and vice versa. What’s to say my though are superior to another?

A good example is a recent incident which took place. I got invited to watch pole-dancing, a form of dance associated with bars and seedy night clubs. This was neither, it’s a legitimate school catering to interested students who want to learn this for fun and exercise.

My folks hit the roof. Not at the fact that am doing it (am not) but at the fact that am attending a show and watching it! This blew me up and shit hit the fan.

The question is, who is right? Am I right for being open-minded and not passing judgements on a form of dance which unfortunately is used in circumstances not acceptable to society? Or are they justified in following the 3 monkeys principle? Or are both of us right in our own way? Or, are both wrong?

Who actually decides this? The world currently seems to be quite wacked up, it’s being led by narrow minded people, or narrow minded in my sense. But who is right? The guy who is just trying to protect his people above all rest? Or the group who says that people are people and geographic demarcations in this day and age should not occur?

Philosophy is a great thing, it forces you to think. Ultimately, it also forces you to be tolerant with everything and anything coz ultimately, it can be rationally explained. However, philosophy is a double edged sword. If you are the only tolerant one in a sea of intolerance, it ultimately becomes you who are intolerant.

And that, leads to anger.


What do you think?

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