Marriage and “settling down”

I have at last come to a concrete decision not to get married and to get on with life. Those who know me would know that we have been trying for the past 6 years to no avail.

I got ‘engaged’ in the south indian sense twice and both broke down; first coz the guy was being forced into marriage and second coz the guy was worried about getting a visa. Getting a visa!! In this day and age!

As my dad said, in his days, people got married then worried about how to get the spouse over. In this day and age, it’s resolve everything, make sure nothing is pending and then get married.

Anyway, I have been putting of a lot of things due to this. Partly coz I don’t like to inconvenience people and going ahead with some plans which may have to be stopped if marriage happens sounds like a lot of trouble for others. True, others don’t give a damn but I did. Not anymore.

Thus, starting with my plans of taking up part time teaching. It’s high time I start giving back to society. Some do so monetarily, some via volunteering, I choose teaching. I have also decided to sign up for art classes; my last ditch effort to try my hand at painting.

Lastly, music. I have always wanted to learn the Veena. It’s a difficult instrument to learn and not at all easy to carry around, but it’s been a dream of mine to learn and and I think it time I started on that.

Teaching; I have applied. The other two? In December. Unless plans change…..



I love poetry and used to try my hand at it. Most of them have been posted here but sadly, they are few and far between.

Poetry gives a freedom in language which prose does not. Poetry also allows for allegories at will and the raw nature of thought. However, the beauty of poetry is that this raw thought can be as primal or as evolved as we want it. In prose, one can write elegantly to mean what actually happens. English romantic fictions of the 18th century are a good example. They talk about romance and the carnal instincts of characters without being in your face and vulgar. Poetry also allows for this with a major difference; it’s much easier.

I am not going to start having resolutions on how I am going to write 1 poem per day etc as that’s absolutely not going to work. The hope is to start writing more often and start dabbling in poetry soon.

Wish me luck 🙂