Gardens of the Moon

Prequel to the earlier post about Memories of Ice, there is my liking for the Gardens of the Moon; a tale from the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

This is the first book of the series and I have lost count of the number of times I have read it. I especially like this book as it’s not got a lot of action and leaves a lot of room for imagination. However, it’s not too away from reality. The other books talk about the Divers or philosophies of the Frokrul Assail, which sometimes are difficult to imagine.

I also like this book as it has my favourite character: Anomander Rake. Rake is humane but coldly just. He feels for people’s feelings, has empathy but does not hesitate to meet out justice where he feels it’s due. He is also powerful but vulnerable in the sense that he is unable to give his people the inspiration for live and unable to fulfill their basic need; home. This gnaws at him and he mentions this in not so many words in his conversation with Baruk.

As put by someone in one of the forumns;

“In the grey world of Malaz he is, ironically and purposefully so, the only “white” character. He does not need to develop, he’s already as perfect as Erikson can allow a character to be

He had 300.000 years to develop, now he is a badass who knows what he is doing, and knows why he is doing it. He kills, but only for a worthy cause. He is capable of every ounce of self-sacrifice that his people and his love might require, and he literally bears on his shoulders the weight of every sin, every mistake and weakness of both himself and the Andii for an impossibly long time. He does not order, he but asks.

And every single time he suffers because of the price his friends will pay for their loyalty.”


Mid year reviews

I am going to have my mid-year review with my boss tomorrow and propose some points of action which she may potentially be uncomfortable with. The principle POA being: I want to move into a different role in a different geography.

Moving to a different country has been in my mind for a very long time but I have been putting it off for one reason; it’s way out of my comfort zone.

I got comfortable here, I have been living here for 20+ years and I know how stuff works. I know how the people behave, how the transport works, the tax structure, the culture, the stereotypes. I can go to the grocery store with my eyes closed as I not only know the route but also know how heavy traffic will be at various time of the day.

A new city cannot be taken for granted, nothing is known and everything is new. In addition to personal discomfort is the professional discomfort; new work-culture, people, process etc.

However I have decided that it’s time I take the plunge; hence the talk with my boss. Wish me luck!

Blogging interest

I seem to like changing a blog theme and look/feel more than actually blogging. I have given up counting the number of times I made resolutions and plans to blog. The plans ranged from setting frequency to threatening dire consequences; nothing worked.

The one thing that did work was the A-Z challenge. It was fun blogging around an anchor as they get’s the juices flowing but otherwise I find it a challenge to blog about routine stuff.

Thus am not going to make another resolution, which I know I will not keep. Instead am just going to blog as and when I feel like it.