A to Z challenge

I failed in the A-Z challenge; big time. Sure, I can give dozens of excuses but the end result still is that I failed. Thus, no excuses shall prevail.

I have been numbed by news. Actually let me start again. In early June, I left for a 2 week vacation to India. For the whole 2 weeks, my only digital communication was the following: 1) check work email after waking and before bed 2) answer phone calls when travelling or outside house.

There was no TV at home, no internet, no newspaper. Thus the only outside news is what the autorikshaw drivers talked about or what was really big (nothing). And it was gratifying.

I think we fail to see the negative impact the constantly negative news has on us. Also, that fact that we find ourselves obligated to be online and communicable 24 hours means that we miss out on other simple but far more valuable pleasures in life; chatting with friends and family, observing the city while travelling, building up conversations with strangers etc.

One can argue that we need to know what’s happening in the world, especially when others are suffering in bombs and explosions. Another argument is also that these perpetrators are encouraged to carry on because of the news importance they get. Either way, the impact on a layman’s daily life is unmistakable.

Personally, I also find that reading and being online too much numbs my senses. I have a dozen ideas to write about in the most eloquent manner before I go to bed; sometimes, I even jot them out. But the eloquence and sequence of thought disappear when I actually sit down to write. This is partially because I end up writing after finishing the day’s ritual of reading news.

Henceforth, I am going to try something. Read the headlines, and stop reading otherwise. Let’s see if my creativity improves. 🙂