Wood Varnishing

Weekend was fun, I went back to doing something which I last did in 2004; wood varnishing. There is a rule in Singapore that all apartments must be re-painted every 5-6 years. Ours was supposed to be re-painted last year but we managed to defer it to this year as it was in pretty good condition.

Part of the re-painting included painting the planter areas; especially for those households which do not have soil packed in. Since mine was such a house, we had the privilege of having our balcony and planter areas painted.

What’s this got to do with wood varnishing you ask? Everything since my planters are covered with wood planks! So this is our opportunity to varnish the wood planks and make them last for 5-6 more years.

Wood varnishing was fun, minus the smell of course. There is no great skill needed but we need to ensure the basics of painting techniques are maintained. The therapeutic feeling was an added bonus. Maybe I should seriously go back to my painting….



Am still trying hard to define my new role; since my boss seems to be least interested in doing so. That’s posing to be a challenge as I feel slighted by all the country folks; they seem to feel like I am their punching bag, their saviour, their to-do person, their scapegoat in turns.

The rep handling the last event had the gal to ask me to back off. What’s the point of being the project manager if you can’t even ask the status of the project?

Anyway, it also seems to be back to the old mode; be the workhorse and forget the rest. No strategy, no autonomy, no decision making; just develop models / financials and let the rest do the exciting work.

I can take drastic action but I seem to be in a mode of lethargy now. Nothing I seem to do works so why even bother? Folks keep saying look at the silver lining, keep a positive outlook, things will turn out better etc etc. My response to them? It has not gotten better for 10 odd years, what statistics do you have to prove that it will get better going forth.


Done! After weeks of planning, running around, sucking up to admins so that they can help you with things they are supposed to do, the event is done!

It was a full crowd, with around 100 odd people attending the event. Popcorns and drinks were over and more than a few people were teary eyed.

The event itself was simple; screen a movie in the afternoon, provide some refreshments and enhance the awareness of genetic disorders and the company. Given the launch of BZC and other projects I undertook, this was nothing, save for one thing. Every single person did only what they are told. They expected to be micromanaged; what food to order, what drinks to order, what size should the poster be. Every-tiny-details. As anyone who has ever done event management would know, this was a recipe for disaster. Lucky for me the event is internal and relatively simple (Read small). Rest assured this is the last event I am undertaking within this team!