Dream or Reality?

For the first time in years, I would be meeting multiple prospectus. The last one ended in a disaster; the guy was what I call a typical spoilt brat. Actually that might be unfair. I think he was forced into this arrangement and was quite happy with his current lifestyle of splitting his time between work and temple.

The present one seems to be more worldly, not the religious kind which is a bit concerning. However, he loves trekking (common ground there!) and in general travelling. He’s too Kanjus, watching his dollars and cents with an eagle eye, but as long as he does not impose it on me, am fine.

This meeting is not ideal. He is no-where near the person I envisioned. However, my life is never been even remotely ideal; in fact, it has been diametrically opposite. Thus am not surprised that I should be meeting a person who is not that tall, averagely successful, Kanjus and a talker.  That’s not to say that I am not keeping an open mind, except the looks and height, everything else is subjective and I am well aware my cynical nature would not allow a positive opinion of anyone. However, I also realize that I am capable of being brutally honest to myself and know that it’s this or none; no point dreaming up fantasies.