Paintings and art

I have always been interested in paintings…ever since I first saw Raphael’s School of Athens actually. When I was at INSEAD and travelling around, I made every effort to visit all the museums in the city. In Madrid, the first place I went to was Del Prado followed by Raina Sofia. I know more about the museums in Paris (and the nooks and corners of Louvre) than anything else in Paris.

However, I have the worst art sense ever. During art classes at school, my teachers used to bemoan that my people look like trees and trees like mountains. I could not draw for the life of me and had no sense of perspective. Thus I  used to content myself with admiring great works from a distance and getting lost in dreamland imagining myself as the painter.

Imagine my surprise thus when I recently learned that I could paint decently after all! This was during an office art jamming session where we had to paint our impressions of an impending office move. I ended up painting a landmark which is ratcheting up the iconic status rating exponentially. Lo behold! It actually looks like the building in question!

Imagine my elation! Seventh heaven would be a mild term for what I was feeling! Exhilarated! Out of this world!

Then I did what any impulsive, unrealistic and totally wacky person would do; I brought the whole painting set and started painting at home. My first attempts raised a big discussion around the animal in question; is it a cow? Horse? Goat?

Hopefully the subsequent ones are more clear cut.