Shit seems to happen and happen and happen

I have had a pretty miserable day. My workplace is getting quite bad due to admins – I wonder if they think they are the bosses and not the bosses’ EAs!

I have however, decided to ignore all negative energy and just focus on the positive ones. A colleague’s superior had a good advice, something which is common sense but not everyone follows:

1. focus on priorities

2. don’t let people push you around

3. have courage to push back & if in doubt

4. escalate if needed!

I also realized that this blog is full of whining and complaints, a unhealthy habit indeed. Maybe why negative things have always happened; as they say, you get what you think J

Anyway, my priorities for this year are:

1. Get a promotion

2. Get married (and hopefully in family way)

Given my luck record, maybe I am jinxing it my even mentioning it aloud. But I have pretty much gotten fed-up of shit happening in life. J