1. did not check numbers
  2. did not check colour co-ordination
  3. did not check email wordings for gramme



  1. finiky on colours
  2. finiky on emails, especially who is on to and who is on from and who is on to
  3. extremely careful around GMs and higher ups

basically screwed up first week



First month

It’s been quite a crazy first month. Not only was the job seriously hit-the-ground running, but it’s been a tonne of stuff  I have never done before: disaster.

Well it turned out that it was not too much of a disaster after all. Some folks in global are extremely high-handed. They work on their own terms and most importantly, their own timing. They do not bother replying to mails and will only do so if they have some benefit, an annoying and potentially dangerous trait typical of any Global functions.

On a personal front, people I have been avoiding for 4 months and have refused to meet want to meet up, I seem to be bumping into them at every corner. Another annoying trait but not dangerous 🙂

I also understand that my ex-boss, who made live a living hell, got severely short changed during his geographic move. I am (glad to say) not really happy about it but I also note that I sincerely wish he realizes what it feels like. My immediate appraisor got promoted; a ridiculous thing considering the amount of politics he played.

First Month

Its going to be a month since I join my new outfit…How do I find it? Honestly, I have mixed feelings; it’s a nice outfit, with warm people and an interesting job, but given past experience, if I start liking something, things go bad. So I am hesitant to say I like this job….my self-jinxing abilities are quite legendary 🙂

On a serious note, the responsibilities I undertake are quite varied and thus interesting. Some of my responsibilities involve utilizing my prior technology experience, which is a huge plus considering that I wanted something where I can mix and match both my healthcare and technology skills.

I do have to watch my words and body language though, and stop shooting off my mouth. I have to keep reminding myself to stop being the straight forward person I am (that never helped) and start being diplomatic all round, which I initially reserved only for external clients. I also have to watch my peers, boss has given me enough hints to point out that some of my colleagues may not like the position I am occupying. Considering that I was competing against some in-house candidates, I can imagine who they might be (after all, my office is only 30 strong!)

Hopefully, no harm done so far and I am able to maintain good relationships all around, time will tell. Will keep you posted 🙂