Rolling on

The last few months were tough. I decided to take the drastic but necessary step of letting myself go from a firm where the people were downright obnoxious but work exhilarating. I guess it was more of made to than decided to, by the very same people and their antics.

Job searching is never an enjoyable experience, especially not when it’s your second search in 4 years (the first was there I was made redundant). It’s a huge blow on your self-esteem; your confidence shatters, you start wondering if you are really good at anything, and most importantly, you start asking the most dangerous question:”Why me?”.

“Why Me?”

This is a question with a double-edged sword. It’s a question which will come up in good times and bad. In good times the answer will of course be a confidence booster. The issue arises when this question comes up in bad times. Coz that’s when character, the ability for self-introspection and the ability to be honest with yourself comes into play.

I could have made my stint with my ex-employers work. All I had to do was to give into their antics and egos and keep my mouth shut. That was easy and I could have easily done that. I decided not to. And that’s a price I have to pay. When a deliberate decision is taken, then the scope for complaint vanishes.

Let’s just hope the future is brighter…for am getting quite bored with this stagnation.