I am, by all counts, a highly imaginative person. I started reading Dickens and Shakespeare when I was thirteen and turned to day-dreaming once I was done with them, mainly due to lack of any friends like any normal teenage girl should have. I still remember my first day-dreams very clearly. It was based on Krishna from B. R. Chopra’s Mahabharata and I imagined myself one of his friends helping him play pranks on everyone. (Well, never Krishna though, always one of his friends or Gopis)

From there, my dream life took twist and turns more numerous than a snake’s. I alternately became a world-famous doctor, a Nobel-prize winning physicist, awesome dancer to singer to everything feasible under the sun. In fact, at one point, in addition to all those, I was also a top secret agent J. Anytime I saw something cool or someone I would have liked to emulate, I immediately dreamt of being him/her. In fact, I improved upon the personality until my own sense of ideal was met.

Many people, if not most people, dream. Some dream of infeasible things as a form of escapism while others dream of achievable things. I fall into the former. The only difference being that at one point I was unsure if my dream life of real life was reality. I spent every waking moment day-dreaming….Kash I had spent more time on reality, maybe some of the dreams might actually have materialized!

The interesting thing about me is that the opposite of what I dream always turns out true. I dreamt of a home with kids, forget kids, I don’t even have a home of my own now (after an age, parent’s home does not become one’s home anymore). I dreamt of achieving great heights in my career, but now, will be happy if I can have a job!

Interesting isn’t it? One can say it was due to the fact that I never really worked for my dreams…..but I don’t really think that is true. I think mine is an otataral nature, a nature which attracts the opposite. J



You stake a claim, with your name

Working hard, an aim to fame

Littered are the roads of yours

With useless carcasses, strewn around

Do you even notice them sir?

Or are you as blind as I fear?

Do you know your throne at end?

A throne of kings, of skeletal mend

The above is invariably an horrible poem, but something which throws meaning to my imagination in the best possible manner

How much Truth can you bear?

If someone comes with a rational explanation of events which is contrary to your beliefs, but may help you explain things better than your belief, are you prepared to investigate it?

If you investigate it and find it to be true, are you prepared to eventually change your mind if the theory is better?