Workplace boredom

It’s the time of the season again when I come to work at 9, do nothing but surf and self-learn till 5, then make my way out. Coming to work with nothing to do is the most frustrating thing ever. A one-week break is ideal, but more than that gets on the nerves.

More than the forced office face-time, the lethargy makes the mind dull. I always find that I take time sharpening up after such a lull and am (un)fortunately, the sharpest towards the end of the project L

Well, things are expected to look up next week, let’s hope it does!


Empathy and Responsibility

I think the concept of empathy and collegiate-responsibility is highly overrated. Come to think of it, these two so-called noble virtues fall among the domain of the naive who think the world upholds by such virtues and thus so should day.

This seems especially true in the professional world, where principles inculcated into us since young are used, dropped and abused with impunity. The higher one wants to climb the corporate ladder, the more one has to be prepared to play around with these traits.

From personal experience, the higher one climbs, the more applicable are these play-of-traits, normally termed “office-politics”. Thus, my question is: how prevalent is this? And can one really see a career growth without resorting to such methods?