Missing girls…missing society?

Been reading news of the three girls in Ohio who emerged after 10 years. There was a similar case in Austria where a 10 year old girl disappeared for 8 years.

What surprises me is not the fact the the girls were kidnapped; but the fact that they managed to stay kidnapped in a normal, decently crowded neighbourhood.

Would this have been possible in Asia? Would not some nosy aunt or gossipy neighbour tried to find out as much as possible about single people living in the area? The first few questions I got asked when I went to India for my work stint was my age, marital status, living place etc etc.

Are western countries so individualistic to the detriment of society? I do not have an answer as of now and analysing this is a whole PhD on it’s own but it is disturbing.




This has been my viewpoint on mental illness for a long time, without having the pre-requisite academic knowledge. I am glad to hear some figure of authority in this field supports it!