Case Studies

One of the fun parts of being a Consultant is to solve cases. People all over the world love puzzles; be it crossword puzzles or math puzzles or simple riddles, puzzles are, I find, an integral part of human enjoyment. Being no different, one of my main reasons for wanting to be a consultant was because I love solving puzzles, and how cool would it be to earn a livelihood at the same time! But, you may ask, why Consulting? Why not newspaper crossword maker or some such equally fascinating job? I have no affirmative answer to that save to say that in addition to puzzle solving, I was also drawn to other aspects of Consulting; mainly client interaction and the opportunity to meet different people from all walks of life.

That brings me to my current work environment. I work in a lovely office with warm, smart professional people who enjoy their work and enjoy sharing it. Being work-heavy, the office is quite most of the time with minimal small-talk but if free, then one would be hard-pressed to find a quite person. However, there is one thing in this workplace which is anti-consulting; the chance for client interaction is minimal.

My work has a office-based policy, meaning that we are not stationed at client’s place during projects but work out of our office. Client interaction is thus restricted to telecons and emails. This is good while getting work done but bad for building personal relationships; an integral part of consulting. And this, I am not quite enjoying. To be fair, I did know the work policy before I joined and was in favour of it considering that I have been out of station for a while, but did not quite realized how extensive it would be.

Let’s hope it changes soon…


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