Difficult Colleagues

Just started having to deal with a difficult colleague who is:

· A control freak

· Overbearing

· Loud

Looking back, I realised that the one thing I just do not like and stay away from is confrontation. Sure, it’s not a big deal drawing a line straight at her face and setting up boundaries but being a western lady brought to be aggressive (they have to be in their culture, otherwise professionally it is seen as being soft), that would be some confrontation. And for someone who gives in unless she strongly believes in it, it’s not a pleasing prospect.

Having said that, work is not a live of die pour moi…it’s just work. But considering that I am working half of 24 hours every day, some sort of feeling of accomplishement would be nice. Unfortunately, this organisation does not provide it. Maybe it’s time to move…but move where?


What do you think?

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