Importance of being steadfast

Just finished hectic 10 week project with an extremely tight timeline. Myriad people have told me that your boss makes or breaks you; something I believe in quite strongly. This project was a different ball game altogether. Firstly, I landed with a boss who is widely known to be a very last-minute worker. And how true that turned out to be! It was quite an enlightening experience being asked to change fundamentals a day before the delivery deadline.

As is always, something is always screwed up in my life L


Singapore Weather

After a long time….I actually have the time to blog.

Nope, that’s not the right way of saying it, more accurately, I have finally figured a way to post without logging into wordpress, which is blocked and since I spend 90% of my time at work, effectively blocked for me.

So what’s been happening? The new org I joined is quite nice, professionally open and results-driven more than relationship-driven. Personally, ended up with high eye pressure (no idea why, don’t ask me!) and what nots, so health has been a factor lately.

But this post is more about the erratic weather. I mean seriously, could the weatherman please calm down? If I am dressed for a scorching hot morning, then I am shivering by noon due to thunderstorms and vice versa. In my 20 years here, I have never seen Singapore’s weather so erratic or extreme. So much for no global warming!