Tokyo Trip – Day 4

Day 4 morning was spent in training as usual. In the evening, we went to eat at a Japanese restaurant with another colleague. This restaurant was also in Roppongi but since it was early, guess the party crowd was not out yet. The restaurant is a yakitori restaurant, which basically means grilled as we would do a BBQ. Nothing to say about the food. It was delicious as usual. Just a point about one type of food; salads. I have eaten salads all over the world but Japanese salads are out of this world. They add some kind of sesame dressing which gives a unique flavour to the salad. That green leaf actually looks appetising, let alone tastes delicious!!

Another quirky Japanese thing is that starter always includes salads and in this restaurant, the salad was plain, raw cabbage with dressing. Sounds yucky? Try and you would love it, guaranteed.

The Japanese lifestyle is very healthy. People here are not into bread and cereals very much. Breakfast is usually either porridge or salad, fruits and milk. Lunch is bento and so is dinner. Bento food here is one small box of sticky rice and loads of vegetables. No one people here are slim, I have yet to meet a Japanese who is even on the plump slide, let alone fat!

Which brings me to lunch. We have been having bento everyday. Bento is basically a lunch box with rice, salad and loads of vegetables. Everything is good except the rice; I cannot get use to the sticky Japanese rice, somehow it just does not go in. So food for me has been vegetables 🙂

Anyway, post dinner, H and I went to Shibuya while C and J decided to head back to the hotel. Actually, I wanted to see Shibuya and H, being a local, decided to kindly accompany me.

Shibuya is a nice place. A place where the young crowd gather. Thus, the streets are filled with cafes and hip eateries. The shops are also the trendy, not-expensive ones like Zara and Forever 21, unlike Ginza where only Hermes and Cannels are present.

We roamed the streets of Shibuya for an hour, just enjoying the atmosphere before I headed back to the hotel and bed 😉


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