Tokyo Trip – Day 3

Day 3 started in the evening as the whole morning was spent in training. We met for dinner at a restaurant called Randy as a team building effort. The restaurant touted itself as the ‘Beverly Hills of Tokyo’. However, it had a myriad variety of food including french (Creme Brulee, Ratatouille), Thai, Japanese, Italian and American. The food was delicious though and so was the service. This reminds me; the service in Japan for everything is in general very very good. People are attentive, courteous and in general a pleasure to interact with.

One particular incident which reiterates the service happened during our dinner at Randy. One of my trainers loved the Ginger-Ale at the restaurant and wanted to know if she could buy a bottle to take back home to the US. Unfortunately the hotel does not sell Ginger-Ale bottles. The matter would have ended there and then if not for the waiter. He called the owner, told him the customer’s request, and got permission to sell concentrates of the ginger-ale to my colleague as a special service. Wow!

Post dinner, I decided go and check out Ropongi. It’s a clark-quay kind of place filled with bars. The streets are colourfully lighted but roppongi is a place to go if you are living in Japan or like to try out night life as a tourist; both of which I was not interested.

I then decided to walk to Tokyo Towers. Knowing my horrible sense of direction, I decided to do the simplest thing to reach Tokyo Towers, keep the tower in sight and walk towards it in a straight line. Surprisingly, I managed to reach the tower! Just to find it closed 😦

Well a short walk around the tower and I headed back to the hotel and bed 🙂

Something about the bed; it’s really big!!! I didn’t realise how much I missed big beds till here!! I want my hong leong bed :S


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