Tokyo Trip – Day 2

Day 2 started off with a 3000 yen breakfast of cereals, milk, 2 quarter-first sized hash browns and a glass of orange juice. We then walked to our office. The office is in Toranomon towers, which is right opposite the south wing of the hotel but being new and having no idea of how the tower even looks like, we made a huge roundabout.

Now the interesting part begins. I know Japan is quite technologically advanced but oh I did not expect a lot of things I saw here. First, let’s go the pantry.

The pantry has 2 kinds of drink machine. One a slot machine with various iced teas and soft drinks and the other a coffee/tea machine. The slot machine was the usual one, so I shall skip that. It’s the coffee/tea machine which is worth mentioning.

I have seen this coffee/tea mechanism before but for the life of me, I cannot recall where. Anywhere the machine’s brand is Flavia and how it works is that you choose if you want to have hot tea, hot coffee or cold drink. Post that, slot a cup into the slot holder. Now there are various sachet types of teas/coffees placed next to the machine. The sachet looks like a rectangular toothpaste sachet, with a tube on top. Choose one and slot the sachet with the top facing up. Et viola! You are done. Brilliant green tea for your service! No dipping of tea bags, no nothing. I was impressed.

As mentioned before, I have seen this machine before, but what impressed me is that this high-end high-tech machine is in a pantry office!!

The next interesting part comes to the ladies (can’t say anything about the gents until I find a way to go inside and check it out! :P)

Firstly, the whole washroom has a very neat and hygienic feel to it. I don’t quite know why as Singapore washrooms are quite neat too…I guess it’s because every room I have seen so far has a very airy feel to it, and is elegantly minimalistic. Ditto for the washroom. The washroom also had small pigeon holes for ladies to keep their personal stuff in, which is another neat concept I have not seen anywhere.

Inside the washroom is where the technology starts. Firstly there is a speaker which fakes the flushing noise for ladies who do not want the sounds of their business to be made public. Secondly, there is a bidet which; no matter how you position yourself; never quite misses its mark. I have not figured out how and I don’t dare press the bidet when I am not seated for fear of making the whole washroom wet. Guess would just have to ask someone!!

For people who find the bidet too strong, there is a spray! Which is lighter on the skin, but equally unnerving in its accuracy of aim.

Other than that, day 2 was spent in training. That evening, we ate at this Japanese restaurant suggested by a colleague of ours. We had umegenyaki (check spelling), a kind of teppenyaki but with a difference. They had a proper vegetarian one which they made for me. That reminds me about food. Anyone who tells me vegetarian food is hard to find in Tokyo has not been here for a long time. Veg food is everywhere, literally everywhere! Not only that, people here know the meaning of vegetarian, it does not include fish, etc etc but vegetarian means vegetarian! I also had cold noodles which was quite delicious.

After dinner, we decided to go and check out Ginza. Ginza is just like Orchard Road but with a difference: the buildings were much more colourful and creative and the streets vastly wider. We walked around the streets of Ginza. There was no point in going into shops as nothing was less than 6-digit figures.

I also spent a good half an hour trying to take pictures of the bullet train, much to the annoyance of my colleagues 😛


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