And the verdict is….

A particular incident which happened during my first week of MBA has left an indelible impression on me.

Like all MBA schools, ours had an orientation party which was supposedly a time to get to know each other but as usual ended up being a time to dance, drink and shout at the top of our voices to be heard.

So, here I was, standing along a wall with a few other people looking for a small nook or corner of the dance floor where I can squeeze in when I noticed a particular wistful looking young man gazing longingly at the group of gyrating bodies.

Feeling sorry for him, I commented; ‘Why don’t you just dance here? There is more than enough space’

To my utter amazement, the guy gave me a horrified look and bolted off! Now, it’s not as if the party was in a club, it was in a hall and a pretty small one too! Thus the so-called dance floor was just the center of the hall where people were dancing. So for the life of me I could not figure out what I said wrong…until some time later

The dolt actually thought I was asking him to dance with me! 🙂


Dennis Ritchie

The world was in mourning mode at the demise of Steve Jobs. People who use Apple products or not, people who have seen him or not, everyone was lamenting ‘I will miss Steve Jobs; he was excellent’ .

What Jobs did cannot be discounted, however it would have been nice if the world; and if not the world then at least the computing community; if there is such a class; would have paid at least one-tenth of Job’s tribute to another great computing legend who breathed his last recently; Dennis Ritchie;

Dennis Ritchie did more than Jobs ever could. Without Ritchie, Microsoft, Apple, IBM and all the other computing giants would never have spawned. Coz Ritchie is not only the inventor of UNIX, he also created the one language which most of the world’s apps are presently based on; C.

Adieu Ritchie. I don’t know you but I sure wish I could contribute at least a small part of what you did to the field you love.

Amazon Silk

Just heard that Amazon is the newest entry into the browser war; they are coming up with a web-based browser called Silk. From what I could understand, Silk would use cloud computing to enable faster searches; all cookies will be stored in a centralised server with a third-party. Enticing? I don’t think so.

However, one group of people to whom this would be heaven-sent news are net law-enforcement officials. Having proof that an individual was being unlawful via accessing cookies which cannot be deleted is tempting indeed. Making me believe that my privacy is not going to be as private as the big bosses would have me understand.