Last year was a fun-filled year in India as far as out-of-work was concerned. We had formed a group comprising of the 2 Germans who stayed with me at the guesthouse, a Chinese, another German and Indian colleagues who worked with me. Our weekend routines went something  like this:  brunch on sat followed by dinner, then party all night, meet for coffee/lunch on Sunday then prepare for Monday.

In this routine, our breakfast/lunch/coffee was usually in one place, Aromas. Aromas is a place F found out during one of our house visit’s to S. He was missing pancakes a lot and was delighted that Aromas had pancakes on their menus. And decent ones too! Having a nice ambiance and being close to all our residences, Aromas was the place to go to.

So yesterday I felt like reliving those days and decided to visit Aromas for dinner. Post dinner and payment, when I was making my way out when the following conversation ensued:

Waiter: Good to see you back miss. Long time

Me: huh?

Waiter: You used to come a lot last year with your friends. You always sat at that couch

Me: Wow you remembered!

Waiter: Yes miss. Was nice to have you ppl. They all went back?

Me: Yes. In fact, I will be going back too, next week!

Waiter: Oh ok. Will miss you miss. Take care

Me: You too, and good luck

As I was heading out, the waiter came running after me

Waiter: Maam, one minute

Me: Yes

Waiter: here miss. Hands me the only drink I have at Aromas, a Caramel Latte. Don’t forget us miss

Not in a long time young man, not in a long time


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