Big Blue becomes a Centenarian

It’s all over the bulletins that Big Blue turns a centenarian today. And what an achievement.

Through two world wars, depressions and recessions, communism and fascism, financial crashes and crashes, Big Blue has not only come out intact, but also stronger and more resilient…and the credit goes to its ethos of constant change and adaptability.

IBM in the modern era of Googles and Apples is not a sexy company, one you would want to associate with or talk about or even one whose products you want to show off. But the Microsofts, Apples and Googles of the world would never have been born without the inputs of the grand dame of computing; International Business Machines, or IBM.

The bulletins are filled with history of IBM etc etc. In fact, IBM itself has come up with a YouTube video charting their growth here (

But some interesting trivia…

Did you know?

  • IBM has been outpacing the growth of U.S. GDP by almost two-to-one (11% vs. 6% compound annual growth in the last 100 years)
  • IBM successfully faced three anti-trust lawsuits (1969, 1952, 1932) by the US government trying to break up the company. The 1969 case which lasted 12 years, was also one of the most expensive US anti-trust lawsuits
  • IBM i (AS/400) is sold in more countries than Mac and is used by practically every bank/major institution
  • Name of the first laptop from IBM was called Convertible
  • IBM’s watson supercomputer has 15 trillion bytes of data from books and Internet resources — roughly the size of the printed material in the Library of Congress

Kewl eh?

Note Bene:

According to the Bank of Korea, there are 3,146 firms founded over 200 years ago in Japan, 837 in Germany, 222 in the Netherlands and 196 in France. There are seven companies in Japan over 1,000 years old. About 89% of the companies with over 100 years of history are businesses employing fewer than 300 people.

All Information taken from various sources



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