Ages Gone

Below is a poem I composed and posted on 18th July 2007

I wish I could sleep profound,
A dreamless sleep, without a sound.
I wish I could laugh aloud,
Full of joy, ne’er a doubt.
I wish I could love galore,
With carefree mind and heart that’s pure.
I wish I could walk on straight,
Head held high; in utter disdain.

I wish I could smile so sweet,
Filled with calm, peace serene.
I wish I could dance so free,
Swift as deer, are legs beneath.

I wish I could talk so suave,
Sweet honey, fleeting like waves.
I wish I could look so kind,
Melting snow, crashing waves.

I wish I wish, oh I wish so much!
But what’s a wish? But water on fire.
Wonder now! Should I wish?
Burning with desire, will it appear?

Simple joy, give me thy hand,
To sleep a sleep, in dreamless land.
To dream a dream, filled with hope,
A hope to live, however bad.

Can I write such poems now? I am not sure. What I am sure of is that it’s been quite a while since words flowed so freely through my pen….and it’s time to bring it back…

For what else is left otherwise?


What do you think?

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