Dharamsala Trip – Day 4 – Last Day

The last day showed me just how far will caring people go.

I had a flight to catch at 4 am the next day (Tuesday morning). On the last day (Monday) we decided to visit Jwala Mukhi before leaving for Delhi at around 1pm.

However, being a holiday, we took our time, attending massages and left for the temple at only 1pm. We reached Jwala Mukhi at around 3 pm and packed loads of aloo paratha before heading back to Delhi at 4pm. To add to the delay, the suspension of the car was gone and thus the driver just could not drive fast (for fear of the car’s underside scratching against the ground).

And what a drive we had. 7 hours of non-stop drive without even so much as a toilet break. No-one complained, no-one even made a face. The driver (bless his soul) drove at breath-neck speed. He even gave up the photocopy of his licence when stopped by the traffic police!

The group decided to head straight to the airport instead of the original plan of heading to M’s house and P and I heading to the airport. This was so save time but it ended in them spending almost 2 hours more on the road.

We reached the airport at 245 am, well in time for my 4 am flight which I took in a leisurely manner. I did feel quite bad about the inconvenience being caused to the group on my account and just could not express my appreciation for the effort they took.

Well, that is the end of my Dharamshala trip…undoubtedly one of the most memorable trip I have had with my colleagues so far.

Next is one of the most eagerly awaited trip for me for a loong time….Ladakh!


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