Totalitarian Art

Just heard of this new art form Totalitarian Art. From what I understand, totalitarian art is commissioned by renegade governments to boast/eulogize their views and ideologies. Hitler commissioned artists to draw realistic portraits of himself as part of this art form. The Victory Arch in Baghdad is another example.

What is sad that these artforms have disappeared. Nero was vicious during his time but the future generations a.k.a. us know of his brutality via his art thousands of years later. It seems like most of the art commissioned by Hitler, Stalin and the likes have been destroyed or has mysteriously disappeared. How will the future generations ever learn about the people living in those times? About the conditions of living then?

Art in all artforms should be preserved and kept. There is no such thing has art which does not deserve to see the light of day. There is no such thing as art which should be destroyed. Art is art, the present generation may not accept it, nor may they agree with it but art is the only form which will tel the future generation of the kind of lives we lived it. Thus destroying art, under any excuse, is unacceptable and should not be condoned.