Hilarious piece of video,

The ignorance of the ppl never fails to amaze me. Seriously, what kind of country is so-called ‘leading’ the world?


A Big Hug

All I wanted was a big hug.
All I wanted was someone to hold me tight
Smooth my feelings with soft words
And comfort me with a sense of security
All I wanted was a big hug
And even that I could not get

What a life….

No one killed Jesssica

After a long time I took life under my control and went and did something I wanted: watched a movie. I watched “No one killed Jessica”. It was a refreshing change from the usual do-goody or romantic or sadistic movies that we usually see. The language was natural, the acting was not bad and the whole movie was just the right length. In short, just the proper movie to watch after the letter came.

The letter, a shocker of a letter. Was the letter justified? I don’t know. Was the letter out of line or out of place? I don’t know. But I do know this, it woke me up. Not in the sense it was meant to unfortunately, but it definitely woke me up. Stop feeling sorry for myself and start fucking living……..