Have arrived in Xian, the city of the famed Terracota warriors. Looks like a small indian city and the traffic is a wierd mix of spanking new Audis and communist era claptraps.

The trip from Beijing was fun. Beijing has three train stations and the one I left from was Beijing West. Its the size of Changi T2 and it runs like clockwork. The train left literally on the second and arrived on time. It was clean comfortable and very no nonsense.

Xian station though was a whole new story. It felt like one of the smaller stations in India (Secunderabad for example) and it was bewildering to get out and try and find a taxi. Anyway long story short I am at the hotel and getting out to see the city. Will mostly go to see the Terracota warriors tomorrow (its about an hour outside the city).


What do you think?

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