Peace? On a pen?

A spate of recent incidents has given me the incentive to blog again. For it’s been a while since I have had the urge to blog on anything, mainly due to its dullness.

First is Obama winning the peace prize. Before I ramble on about the absurdity of it, let me state some facts as have been gathered from various channels.

1. According to the rules of the Nobel committee, Obama should have been nominated by Feb 10 to be considered for the prize. That would be a mere 2 weeks after his presidency

2. He was given the prize not for anything he has achieved but the potential he has to achieve

And these two reasons have me riling. I have had a decent amount of respect for the Nobel prize. I think the intention is good as its human nature to be appreciated for what you are doing. But this award has completely lost it.

Firstly, the prize has (and if it has not, then should) be awarded to achievements made, not to achievements to be made. If it is the latter, then by god, even I can win one!

Secondly, give the guy some time, even if you want to judge his potential! Politics is a funny profession, where blatant lies and charisma rule. What potential has Obama shown till his nomination date? Except that he can talk well?

All this has me pretty riled. For reputation has a spillover effect, if the peace prize loses its luster, who is to say that the other prizes(chemistry, physics etc) will still be as valued tomorrow as they are today?

Second is Mont Blanc releasing a limited edition pen with the picture of Gandhi embossed in its gold nib.

Whatever faults Gandhi may have, he is synonymous with peace as has been known to promote frugality. Thus his image on a Mont-blanc pen, a high-end pen coveted by the nouveau riche goes against his very principle. Added to that fact is that the pen nib is made of gold!

I am pretty sure if the phrase ‘turning in one’s grave’ came to life, Gandhi would be at the office of the Mont-blanc personnel now, fuming mad. (btw, was he temperamental?)


What do you think?

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