Day 7 – Prague and Fonty


Went to Praha Castle today. It is basically a modern castle with one old quarter in the Gothic style. Nothing impressive. It was on top of a hill and the view of Praha from there was magnificent! After that I had the intention of walking back to the hostel to collect my luggage and head to the airport. As luck would have it, I got lost and landed in one sector where I had no intention of going. Its called Mala Singha and is the old quarter. Very quaint looking. Gives the impression of old ladies tending to their garden 🙂

After a short lunch, headed of to the airport. The airport is 20km away from Praha outskirts so you can guess how long it took. It was literally in the middle of no-where! But we passed very scenic routes. That’s all I did. Then it was fonty time.

Reaching the airport, I realised how exhausted I am. Dead tired. Came back home and realised I had forgotten to put the thosa batter I prepared before leaving in the fridge. The end result is that my batter is filled with fungus. Put all the clothes to wash and now am eating dinner before I crash.

Crashing reminds me. My dorm in Praha was a 10 bed mixed one and all beds were taken up. There were 4 girls, including myself, and 6 guys. And god do the guys snore! Is it that they were really loud or that I
got too used to fonty quietness?


What do you think?

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