Day 5 Evening – Prague


Reached Prague around 2 hours late. The bus ride was comfortable though. First bus I have taken where they gave headphones like in the plain and free flow servings of coffee/tea/hot chocolate. Passed a place called Bruno, which is also in Cheksey. It looked like quite a big town.

Reached hotel around 2. Its a nice hotel, situated in a residential area. Before I explain what I did around Praha (the chesky name for Prague), let me name the locations:

There is Charles Bridge (a bridge), Letenske Sady (a hill with numerous lookout points) kurlov most ( a small man made ‘waterfall’ near the bridge, its supposed to be famous but dunno for what), Old town square, Stare Mestro, Wensleslas Square.

Well, decided to walk though the hostel is a bit far from the city center. I think walking gives the best feel of the city. First went to Letenske Sady, then Charles bridge then the rest one by one.

Prague is quite nice, I realise the various countries are in the following categories: Barcelona and London the cosmopolitian city, Paris the old-trying-to-be-new city, Sevilla and Vienna the grand old dame, regal and elegant, Madrid and Prague the blooming girl, chirpy and cheerful.

Prague is nice, its compact but with the same number of people, so its crowded and very lively. Its just full of life, no wonder people like it so much. The people are most helpful. More than once people have come to be when they see me even opening the map and helped me out with directions. Twice, the ladies actually accompanied me to the place I wanted to go to coz they found it difficult to explain. In the train, when I asked one person if this is the right direction and she answered softly, invariably the rest would come up to me and ask me if I got my query answered. The tram driver waited patiently until I looked up the station board, then went to the front of the tram to look up the tram’s no and climb in. Apparently, he was the same uncle whose Tram I took in the morning to the hostel and figured I looked too nice a girl to go anywhere but home at 9 in the night. (Thanke for the applause again!)

Food here is pizza, pasta or various asian cuisines. Falafel, my faithful food so far, is not very common in Praha. I have not found many falafel stalls. But there are significant asian stalls. I had thai food in the evening. Met another girl in the restaurant. Apparently she works for the Associate for International Research, a prvate ocmpany which does cost-of-living research for expats. They have clients all over the place as any company which wants to find the appropriate renumeration package turn to them for research data. She was having dinner alone too and we just joined up. Had a good conversation with her.

That’s it. I need to go to two more place,Kutna Hora (bone church) and the Praha Castle. Kutna Hora is another town 1 hour drive away, which is not feasible on Saturday, when I am leaving. So am going there tomorrow and then visit the Praha Castle on Saturday before coming back.

Ok dead tired. Later!


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