Day 4: Vienna

Start of another day.Lemme tell you about my night. I had chosen a nice bottom-bunk bed (so that if the others keep their lights on, it would still be dark in my bed). Well, in came an old mexican lady (from mexico! Hope the hostel has checked her for the swine flu etc) who had some form of back problem. So, being the nice girl that i am (thanke thanke for the applause), I gave up my bed and took over the upper bunk. The other two were used by some other ladies.
Anyway, the whole night the lady was snoring so loudly it was impossible to sleep. It was not even a consistent snoring, it changed tones, becoming gruff at some points and high nasal at others. It would suddenly increase in volume and suddenly disappear. And it was oh so not musical. Well sleeping became quite difficult with that kind of noise.
Anyway, heading to the museum now and then belvedere castle. Its a cold rainy day today and I hope the weather clears up soon.

What do you think?

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