Day 3 Morning – Vienna

Ate at a authentic Viennese restaurant. Ordered a supposedly famous Viennese vegetarian food, which was three pieces of radish and potatoes @$##$#@$…..

Later in the evening came back and went to the Shronburn. Shronburn is a place just opposite the hotel and though the palace was closed, went for a walk around the gardens. I realise that after a while all the European buildings look the same though these guys have told me Prague is very different. Well came back at 8, had a HOT shower in the tub, ate some falafel and fell asleep at 9 to 8am. Am glad Europe likes falafel or am going to be eating nothing but bread. Viennese cannot imaging food without meat.

Anyway, forgot to mention, went for an opera on Sunday night 🙂 It was a french opera. The lady was screechy…and they could have talked some forgotten language for all I knew coz I did not understand anything. But then they had a transcript next to the standing center and listening closely one learns to understand 🙂

The opera was good. It costs 3 euros and was fun to watch, its different from the phantom of the opera musical, coz that was more dramatic while this is mostly music. The opera house was awesome.

Anyway, I cancelled my Prague ticket and booked a bus for 16 euros. Cancellation fees is 3 euros so no am going to Prague in 20 euros. That is better than 60. Leaving here at 835 and reaching Prague at 130. So am pretty happy 🙂

Planning to shift to the new hostel now and then roam around the city. There is this famous chocolate cafe called sacher ( Going to have the highly recommended raspberry chocolate cake.


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