P and P

On Saturday morning we had the outward bound, a day long mandatory team building exercise organised by outward bound. I was very apprehensive about it coz of my ankle, Though I had absolutely no intention of doing any physical exercise like running etc, I still was concerned about walking on the forest, esp in my clumsy state. Well glad to say nothing happened and my team members were very helpful 🙂

We had lots of activities to do, all of them very very fun. This is the first time I am doing outward bound and I really enjoyed it.

Saturday evening we had the Bain party. It is basically a welcome party welcoming the new batch into INSEAD and allowing them to get to know their seniors. It was sponsored by Bain and thus called the Bain party. It was basically held in a huge hall in the middle of nowhere. I say nowhere because buses were arranged to transport the students from campus to the party venue and back and even the driver got lost! He kept retracing his steps and trying out if the other route will lead somewhere.

The most hilarious thing about the trip was that a lot of people who owned cars did not know how to get there and decided to follow the bus, which I think was a very good option. So, when I last counted, there were around 10 cars following us and every time the driver got lost, all 10 cars would get lost. Once we reached a small roundabout and the driver did not know which exit to take. Thus he kept going round and round. The roundabout, being small, could not take a 60 seater bus and 10 cars, so soon the bus was waiting for the cars to enter and vice versa!!! The more intelligent ones just decided to stop at a corner and see where the driver ultimately turns. That was quite funny watching from a window seat on the bus 🙂

The party itself was nothing great. The feedback was that it was an excellent party and it was a good one. There were loads of drinks, the atmosphere was very good and everyone extremely happy and in the mood to party. But I could not relate to any of the songs to dance. True, I don’t listen to that many English songs but I do listen to some!!!! However, there are not that many songs I could dance to here. I distinctly remember the lyrics of one of the songs going like this: “I am heartbroken baby but I will never forget you” etc. The beat was fast but how can you jump up and down and dance to that kind of song! Anyway, other than that it was fun, met a lot of people and basically had lots of fun.

I came back at around 330 and simply crashed. Woke up at 7 in the morning but was too tooo tooooo tired to do anything! what with the outward bound and the party and late nights, I was exhausted. And its only been the first week of school where classes have not even started!!!

Managed to get out of bed by 930 when my neighbour knocked saying they will be ready for Paris soon. Left for Paris at around 1045 and reached Avon at around 1115. Then we realised that we had just missed the train with the next train being a good one hour away. Whiled away the time doing nothing and I was thinking of sweep all the time!

We reached Paris and found out that a lot of shops (almost all shops) are closed on Sundays. We knew this earlier but there were supposed to be some huge departmental stores which would be open on Sundays. Well, they were also closed! Decided to go to Gare du Nord, the station where the Indian stalls are. It was like little India and Farrer park in SG. And that was exactly what it was! Gosh! Exactly like little India!!! Lots of shops, loads of people, no rules followed, loads of rubbish and loads of FUN! I had plain thosa and vada for lunch and pongal for dinner. Did lots and lots of shopping for the stuff I want, got pav bhaji masala, garam masala and what nots, including pickle etc etc etc.

All in all, a fun filled but exhausting weekend.