Today was a long long day. Its 1219 am here I am wondering if I should end my day here.

Started off today by going to the last day of ABC (Alternative Business Course). Learnt account and its various functions today. During lunch, I decided to head back to class a bit late as I wanted to wait for my landlord. This is the third day without the net and no net/no phone is a situation I am not quite taking a liking too.

Anyway, went back to classes and finised it quite early today, at around 3-4 I should say. Headed back home after finding info from the tourism office including special passes to Paris etc.

Did I tell you about my neighbours? The wife is very very sweet and insisted I eat dinner at her place. Anyway, we crash into each other’s place as often as possible and that is exactly what happened today too. I crash into their place and we talked about all sorts of random stuff, from school academics to politics to religion to god knows what.

One of my other neighbours, a russian and the only senior (he is from the jan-dec batch) came today. We had a long chat with him too, including the importance of grades (there is none, as long as you pass thats it, coz grades should not and will not be divulges by the school…whew! no more worrying about classes and ranks etc), jobs out there, his internship etc etc etc

At around 8 pm, I headed out to meet another classmate of mine, the one I came with. We had a lovely dinner at a nearby place costing 10 euros each as usual 🙂 I seem to be living high even on student budget!

Anyway, after dinner we headed out to the hangout of INSEADers; the Aussi Bar. Now I have heard a lot about the Aussi Bar; that it is the place where INSEADers go etc etc etc but I did not expect what I saw. It was FULL! Everone was in there! And I mean EVERYONE! God knows how many news faces I met there!

Anyway, its 1225 now and I still have not finished studying today’s quota, less to say that my place is getting quite messy!

Well tomo is a looong day with a home party in the afternoon followed by a carrfour trip then a chateau party in the evening. Sunday we may plan a trip to paris. Between all those and studying and filing all documents and getting all BF coursework etc, I am booked.

Well, later then.


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