Yesterday was the first day of classes. I woke up at 6 am and cooked sambar with the intention of packing food. Reason being that the city does not have any veg fast food and I can’t be spending 10 euro for lunch everyday.

Anyway, ended up not packing as I realised I can come back and eat during lunch. The venue was hardly five mins away. My net also conked off on me and I wanted to try and conact the landlord to get it sorted.

Well after lunch I was waiting for the landlord to come. My neighbour’s wife said she will wait for the landlord and asked me to go attend the classes. How sweet of her 🙂

Well ended that the landlord did come but the lady did not hear him. 😦 Anyway, the landlord has tried all means to try and get it worked. He did loged a ticket (something like a queue no) to the service provider.

Just heard that the technicial is coming this saturday. I hope he solves the issue on the spot!
Studies wise, yesterday was very very hard. The bonds, stocks and perpetuity etc went way over my head. I was quire disheartened coz I wanted to enter the finance sector. Guess it should be ok soon. My classmates were amazingly knowledgeable. One of them had 10 years experience in finance, with 5 in fixed securities. Another 5 years in IFC, the private investment arm of the world bank. wow!

Today was easier. It was statistics, porbability and basic maths like functions, differiantiation etc etc. That was way more manageable.

Found out about this big store some way away. I decided to try it out. It was a good 45 mins way one way but it is big. Found some indian mixture and the ginger biscuits we get at home 🙂

Well, just came back. Dunno about the rest of the day. Most probably will be at home studying. Let’s see how.

Well thats all for now.


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