The Dark Knight

I watched The Dark Knight today. A lousy movie with no story, no plot, no acting….OK a bit of acting, but absolutely no sense.

Let me stop jumping to biased conclusions and be a bit more objective

The story

The whole dark knight story is confusing to say the least. What on earth was happening? There is nothing subtle about it, nothing which makes you pause and think, nothing which actually makes one sit up and take note. Bad man kills, good man saves, good man inadvertently kills, bad man laughs in glee…duh!!!

But actually, there are two areas in the story which are worth mentioning:

The scene about having such power in one hand
That the part where Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale have the conversation about the sonar evesdropping on all telephone conversation. That part made you think; how dangerous is it really? Don’t nuclear countries give the power to their head of states in nuclear matters? Though countries do have some form of accountability. Though this topic deserves a post of its own, it’s definitely a scene which makes you think.

The Ferry Scene
The ferry scene where neither boat presses the button is another very interesting part. Its touching and very thought provoking. It made me think if I would so such a thing. It is one thing blogging about it and saying “yeah I will never press the trigger yada yada yada” but another thing actually doing it. Its takes a lot of guts, a HELL lot of guts to actually make that decision.

Heath Ledger’s acting

Ok, the papers are gaga over him; EVERYONE is gaga over him, but seriously! Is he so good that he puts a shiver down your spine? Is he so good that the mere thought of him as the joker is creepy? Is he even so good that you hide behind someone? I don’t think so. He was good. Period. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, on the overall, a very over-rated and over-hyped movie.


What do you think?

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