Random Tirades

Its quite amazing how much one soul can miss another. That’s even when the two souls don’t meet each other that often when they could. Nor do they talk much; silence being the most prevalent form of conversion.

But when distance creeps in, then the loss of not having someone to bug, someone to talk random crap to, someone who’s just there; is utterly overwhelming.

Ah, the sadistic-ness of life.

Its also amazing how priorities change over time. There was a time when I wanted an ideal achievement of home and work life. An idealistic life but one where both are equally successful and have equal importance in my life. A measly 4 years of working (I admit they may not be the most ideal working conditions) and one realises the inanity of work, work and more work. To achieve what?

If I can travel where I want, read all I want, enjoy all I want, without working, would I take it up? Maybe, if the expenses comes from me and is not leeched off someone. However, am not a leecher, then consequently the above is impossible isnt it? Unless of course, I do nothing but work my youth away and then enjoy the above once I’ve amassed a fortune. But then, patience is not the best of my virtues. In short, sad to say, but it’s one quality I just don’t possess.

So work it will be. Resolution for the upcoming year? Work only in areas where I am interested in, not in areas I have been shoved into to due to necessity. Or should it be work to amass a fortune?

hmm……..Maybe I should have a follow-up sticky to this post which will send me a reminder on 31 Dec 2008 for me to actually go check out which path I did take.

PS: At the last review, the five paras above had almost seven different talking about ten different things. Gods below! Talk about not being able to write in a succinct manner!