I love slate especially the explainer section. It’s one of the few websites I found which explain stuff and process which doesn’t occur to us since we take it so much for granted.

For example, we all know reporters follow the US presidential candidates around. But how do they do that? If I join the New York Times tomorrow as a presidential candidate reporter, do I just approach the contestants, show them my pass and expect a free ride? This article answers it.

Some other articles which caught my eye for just jolting me out of my confined mind :):

1. Why to labour negotiations always happen at night?

2. How to clean a bloody knife off DNA imprints?

3. What’s stopping Cheney from getting a heart transplant? (could be applied to most heart patients)

4. How to you clean a bird affected by oil spills?

5. Why do European countries give prisoners ridiculously long prison terms?

6. How do you shoot yourself multiple times in the head and still survive?

Some questions occur during the course of reading or discussion, but some just don’t. For example, for the life of me I would never have thought of asking this, simply coz I have always dismissed it as myth.


Thought Processes

Entry 26th

I am haunted by a emotion which is not mine, a mind which strives to mischief, a heart which leaps and bounds without regard. Its a strange world indeed which simply does not seem to work the way you envisioned.

I have a deep desire to seep into the world I constructed through countless hours of wakefulness. A world where logic and heart are in perfect harmony, a world where things happen as I want, a world which is filled with fun, music and loads of full-throated laughter.

I want to be able to sing and make merry without inhibition. I want to be able to laugh and love without being hurt. I want to be able to explore and discover without losing faith. I want to be able to live the life I want.

I am getting bored of myself, I am getting irked by my own presence, I have become cynical, criticising a world which is simply embracing change. I yearn for the simple innocent life where one works and be happy. I am beginning to dislike change; and that does not bode well in the era we live in.

Entry on 28th

I am going to be forthcoming here and I think its time you face up to realities and start working towards achieving some goals. In life, we make decisions, most of them we make in good faith that the result would be as expected and would enable us to advance by that one step. However, nothing comes without trial, and nothing comes without effort.

You see, success is not about achieving the highest intellectual capability or coming on Forbe’s list of the richest. Success is about doing something which you love, well and within your satisfaction. Success is about intriguing a novice to your interest by the quality of your work. Success is about passion.

So try and try till you succeed. I know its a motto you have stuck to, but I believe it could be done with more rigour and definitely more penchant. Try, keep trying, till the life you envisioned comes. Try till fate gives in to you due to sheer inability to keep up to the relentless attack. Try till life bows at your feet and spouts out your wishes.

I am sure you’re capable of far more than what your doing now. I know you know this fact. I also know the only factor stopping you is laziness, not the inability to make decisions, subservience to others opinions or the thousand and one things people hint of you. You’re lazy; lazy to grasp the change that comes with a firm fist and move. You’re too lazy to put in the effort required to achieve what you want. You’re not happy coming at 9, dream till 11, going for lunch, dreaming till 4, tea and heading home. You want adventure, you want to be surrounded by people passionate, articulate, talented, people who hold life in their fist, people who dictate what they should be doing in thiir lifetime, not the other way round. You want all those but you’re not willing to work towards it. I suppose achievements will start falling from the tree for your benefit?

So do something! See the world. Be passionate! Live life! Love it! Learn something new everyday. Master something every month. Remember that great achievement and great love involve great risk. But don’t be stagnant. Don’t laugh at your dreams, don’t lose the lesson when you lose. Let the sprit in you soar. All she wants is an initiation. Give that to her will you?

The one song which never fails to cheer me up 🙂

PS: On a geeky note, the autoplay=’false’ function works in IE (6&7) and Firefox but not on Opera 9.


Blissful is the ended life,
Painless is the strife,
Who wouldn’t want this holy hide?
to skin with a knife.

Fearless are those souls,
Hungering for nothing,
Ode to them and hell to those,
Who burn and are burning.

Cryptic are my words,
Boring is the phase,
But make sense to me it does,
And it will any day.

Behold the fleeing legs!
Behold the roving eyes!
Behold the mindless talk!
For they will kill you trice.

Gone is the thinking mind,
Vanished the quiet souls,
Now is the time for those kinds,
Who do not know where what goes.


Right, so in the middle of cropping up with weaknesses, I decided to turn to the saviour of blank minds: Google.

Googling for “interview weakness in need of improvement” not only gives you tonnes and tonnes of sites (1,610,000 to be precise), but most of them have exactly the same articles. Of course, the respectable sites give credit to the author but the number of sites who don’t is quite surprising……..whatever happened to ‘thou shall not steal others work?’


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Could someone tell these guys that this is a woman/female/lady’s blog and she’s not interested, in this life or any other, in changing her gender in any way whatsoever.

Seriously! :S

On a side note, I would’nt mind getting some real comments.