The recent article here, here and here about a 72 yr old grandpa agreeing to donate sperms to create a family for his son had gotten me aghast.

I mean, strictly speaking, scientifically that is, and there is nothing wrong. There may be some complications as the man is already 72 years old and this may affect the child in terms of disability etc but then medical technology is advanced enough to detect such a thing and modern world cruel enough to end the pregnancy if the parents so wish.

The UK ethics committee etc has passed the case and blah blah blah but is it correct? What about the poor kid? If I grow up and found out that my grandfather is my father and my father is my step-brother but my grandmom is my grandmom and my mom is my mom. Gosh!

Secondly, if we start allowing such things, where will it end? Already, British regulators have approved the breeding or creating of hybrid humans , which basically means genetically mixing and matching human genes with any animal genes to create Frankensteinian species. What next? Mix and match plants and animals to allow animals to generate their own food? Hmm…….sounds interesting, and lovely in sci-fi but in real life? I think it will be more freaky than anything else.


4 thoughts on “Ethics??

  1. Narayan:

    Interesting in theory and in movies. But I dont think it is going to be that very interesting in real life. Maybe its just conservative moi 🙂

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