Came across an interesting word and consequently, an interesting article. The word is “gelding” and the article on, you guessed it, gelding.

Gelding is procedure where the sexual organ in a male horse is removed, especially horses which are meant for racing. They do this coz the higher testosterone level makes a male horse more aggressive, stubborn, mind-only-on-one-thing and unmanageable (similarities there?)

The article explains in detail how the procedure is carried out. Some thing I don’t understand though:

  1. How do they decide? What if their decisions about this horse being a good racing horse turns out to be wrong? What happens to the horse?
  2. They kept talking about drainage, what drainage are they talking about? This question stems more from my absolute lack of biology of any kind than common sense I suppose
  3. The article seems to imply that the sexual urge to mate is forever suppressed. Does it mean that the nerves originating such urges are not in the brain but in the organs? Is it the same for humans? How about ‘visual’ excitement then? After all, most p0rn depends this feature in humans.
  4. How about mares? Do they ever race? If so, then how are their urges suppressed? Since gelding is obviously for males only.


A mare is a female horse who has reached puberty while filly is a young female horse. Interesting eh?

Mares do not race in the derby and the horse racing tournaments. But they are classified as ‘racing’ breed according to their canter, style etc. This is more for breeding purposes than anything else.


What do you think?

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