Perceptions and their effects

Read an article where the author laments on the derogative attitude of the western world wanting to “save Africa”. This article sure took a long time to come! I completely agree with the author.

Of all the beautiful things found in Africa, why do people concentrate only on the diseases, famines and wars? Sure they are prevalent and sure they are a serious threat to be reckoned with but there is so much more to Africa and people crying out in happiness at western pelted food.

What about the beautiful nature they are gifted with? What about their strength in their struggles for freedom, liberty and survival? What about the dances and culture that they have? Fro example, their respect for the sun? African cultures, after all, have an emphasis on sun bordering on reverence and awe and it’s a truly breath-taking sight watching them celebrate the equinox or any other sun related festivals.

It’s not only the problem with Africa. A lot of Asian countries face the same kind of stereotype: Burma being the strict no-nonsense junta nation filled with cold-hearted people working on orders of the nation; rural India filled with nothing but poor farmers committing suicide because of lack of government subsidies; and the list goes on.

True, all the above problems exists and they are serious problems, but there is more to a place than just the problems. Maybe we should start concentrating on the strengths these places provide and figuring out ways to help the involved make use of the strengths to curb their deficiencies. Maybe this would be far more effective in solving the problems than all the billions in aid would.


Delusional Quest

Why do I am for the sky?
When I keep wallowing in the sty?

Why do I hope for the best?
When history has repeatedly put it to the test?

Why to I try for the stars?
When simple worms elude my grasp?

Why do I keep trying?
When the result it brings; is not even worth crying!

Why do I keep thinking?
All will be well, as long as you are working?

Why do I cheer so much?
When all things cheerful are down in the muck?

Wake up young lady!
Face the reality!
Gone are the days of dream,
Which you yonder keep.

Articles Galore

One of the banes of being in a fast paced job is the lack of time to read up on interesting/quirky articles and to really enjoy them.

Thus started the habit of storing those links in Notes for future ‘reading pleasure’. Since Notes has been giving me ominous hints about wanting to go to sleep, I thought it better to transfer the jewellery here 🙂

Most of the articles are a jumbled lot resulting from research on various discussions held with various groups of people.

The last one is a hopeless case, I would have to take up Maths as a full time job to understand that!

Erk or Eke?

Erk or Eke, who cares a freak,
Both sound deep and flow like the creek.
What are words? But ways to sway,
Mind and body, to one’s way.

So forget the spelling, enjoy the meaning,
Flourishing with feelings, replete with similes.
Words are by oft, to be used,
As you see fit and duly abused!

Abstract are the sentences,
Confused the meanings.
Making one ponder,
Where goes this darn thing!

I wish but what do I wish?

I wish I could sleep profound,
A dreamless sleep, without a sound.
I wish I could laugh aloud,
Full of joy, ne’er a doubt.
I wish I could love galore,
With carefree mind and heart that’s pure.
I wish I could walk on straight,
Head held high; in utter disdain.

I wish I could smile so sweet,
Filled with calm, peace serene.
I wish I could dance so free,
Swift as deer, are legs beneath.

I wish I could talk so suave,
Sweet honey, fleeting like waves.
I wish I could look so kind,
Melting snow, crashing waves.

I wish I wish, oh I wish so much!
But what’s a wish? But water on fire.
Wonder now! Should I wish?
Burning with desire, will it appear?

Simple joy, give me thy hand,
To sleep a sleep, in dreamless land.
To dream a dream, filled with hope,
A hope to live, however bad.