Poetic Argument

Had a poetic argument with psyphycom on his poem titled One and Many, the excerpt of which is pasted here:

When thoughts are so many that it drowns,
When what you want to say and do gets scattered,
When many refuses to hit one synchronous note,
When you love the many and yet want that one pioneered.

Many times it is doubts and sometimes it’s not knowing,
In times there are therapies that will plant the meaning,
I find to be absolving the idea of not calling it my own,
What’s the fun otherwise in living this boring and short revolution.

Understand the meaning, and yet it comes only through repetition,
The irony of repetition becoming the path towards erudition,
Calculated merriment becoming another lackadaisical definition,
Controlled release of profoundness through years of dedication.

I have only few years,
When choices are many,
The long boring opportunity of singularity,
Amidst the short merriment of many.

The peppiness that life adorns,
Is often lost, among the chores,
Bring it back and fill thy life,
With joys and wonders, only the mind can find.

When reality of chores define life,
The search makes life irreconcile,
The abjected life presents itself,
Only to make a question mark of thy self.

How true are thy words!
I cannot but agree!
Yet listen to your heart,
Which yearns to sing with glee

A short life we lead,
Why wallow in misery?
Live life and let live,
Be merry and be free!

Had I a choice I wouldn’t have,
Had I just one answer I wouldn’t have,
It’s not an option that I have,
It’s the only choice that’s live.

I would love to swing my hands,
I would love to shed few tears,
And wipe them later with a smile,
But I am saying this without guile,

If only I had an option to smile.

Smile and laughter are yours to pursue,
Who dares stop thee, from using them true,
Laugh out loud and cheer your mind,
Standby and see, misery fall behind!

Lighten your mind, brighten your eyes,
Seek all discord, with will which suffice,
For there is but one, way to deal,
With misery, which is; to give her a kick!

Choices and options,
Art yours in truth,
To create and use,
As you would 🙂

Your words do speak to my thoughts,
They want to be corrected from depths of their roots,
The affection with gloom may be reproved,
But I fear it another chance for it only to be proved.

In choices there is a reason,
In reason there is a cause,
In cause ther are connections,
But what when the connection is world itself.

May be I am too lazy to break it into parts,
May be I am overburdened with too many tasks,
But this is what I have to seek with,
So I am not to be questioned of my writhe.

All this I will say,
Be sad and be sad always,
The choice is yours and yours only,
To live life, with joy and glee.

What point is there to delve in deep,
After things, which we cannot keep?
For the often said words do seep,
Into the mind, with one fell sweep

We come to world, with nothing in hand,
And when we leave, nothing we will have,
So drop your race for things you cannot keep
And live your life, as others would envy.

In sadness I don’t fear,
In happiness I don’t hear,
It’s only perception in there,
Both are just states of mind.

It’s not a race that I am running,
It’s a chase for all that’s to me not clear,
I would like to think that there’s out there,
Something that’s possible for me mere.

I am not saying there in one truth,
Though it’s beautiful to have one truth,
I would think of it as a rethink,
And please don’t construe it as a double think.

Then turn this chase into something,
Which gives you joy and lifts your steed!
Do what you want but in full cheer,
Conquor it! And see what you hear.

Streghten your mind, hearden your resolve,
Not to be dispirited, seeing a thin wall,
For beyond that wall, is all yours to enjoy!
Sit thee down! Fight for your joy.


What do you think?

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