Child Discipline

Sometime ago, Alec Baldwin was heaping criticisms upon himself and is trashed about for his “voracious berating” of his 11 year old daughter, where he called her a “thoughtless little pig”.

As a newspaper article in The Straits Times [Singapore] recently pointed out, a lot of Asians don’t understand the big fuss. Though lifting a finger against your child in the States can put you into a frying pan for traumatizing her which would leave her forever scarred; beatings, canings, spankings and most importantly scolding, are the norm of a family life in Asia.

Which begs the question: Which is the better mode of parenting? Is it wise to continue the western way?

I believe that a youngster below a certain age (18-21) is too young to actually know a lot of things. The younger could be spared a long of anguish and later life trouble if properly disciplined at the appropriate time, even if it means having to be caned. Of course, this does not take into account extreme forms of violence but is concentrating solely on an average loving family.

How will children grow up if given a choice on everything from a young age? Confident? Definitely as they have had years of decision making practice. Independent? Undoubtedly as that would be the fundamental reason for giving the child the choice in the first place.

Then what exactly are the disadvantages? A quick glance at American society at present shows the problem clearly. Youngsters smoking, sniffing glue, drugs, have sex at unnaturally young ages, talking about the opp sex and trying to please them the moment they can walk….by adulthood, kids in America have pretty much tried everything there is.

Some, or maybe a lot, of them then decide on a mode of life and settle down to it. But a significant proportion gets bored of living and it’s these people who are the bane of American society at present. Shooting people such that no-one seems to be safe anywhere, muggings, killings, looting…….the list is endless.

I would rather a child be spanked if s/he grows up well to a child given all the freedom when growing up and ending up not knowing how to conform to rules and live a peaceful life. For after all, we live for a miniscule sand of a time in this vast ocean of the world, and it’s not worth living that minute lifespan causing trouble to one and all.


What do you think?

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