Sequel to Dreams

A simple sequal to my Dreams poem. Coz me thinks; that

Time and tide,
Waits for no man.
But in its splendor,
Brings the span.

The span of nights,
To heal wounded souls.
To start afresh,
And dream some more 🙂


With fluttering heart and bated breadth,
I dream again, of things abet.
A dream that won’t, last the year,
And that’s why; they are called, dreams my dear 🙂

Along with dreams, comes in full wonder,
The sister of dreams, the banisher of fear.
Lovely is her name, peaceful her demeanor,
Hope she’s called, eternal seducer.

For now I hope, and only hope
For all my dreams, to come afore
What else can a soul, do but wait
Pray to hope, and, hope she sways.


What do you think?

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