A Day of Firsts

It’s the first time being industrious enough to go back home and then head for a game

It’s the first time driving alone in Singapore

It’s the first time picking up someone in Singapore

It’s the first time playing with 3potties

It’s the first time falling so badly in court that I could not get up

It’s the first time ditching a game due to injuries

It’s the first time seeing ankles swell to triple their size

It’s the first time stepping into a polyclinic

It’s the first time waiting for a doc for close to 2 hours

It’s the first time getting x-rays for a medical purpose (the other times were entrance to university and job)

It’s the first time spending 4 hours at a medical place

All said and done, it has been a day of firsts 😀


6 thoughts on “A Day of Firsts

  1. this is the first day my friend made me read blogs…. 🙂

    hmm….all the words seems to be High Frequency words…. huh??

    anyways…..ur opinion realated to Child Disciplne is good……..duno how far we can follow the words we say when we become parents.

  2. lux:

    Hehe yeah, there has to be firsts for everything, otherwise we will never improve will we? 🙂

    as for child discipline, I agree, thats why a parent’s job is the most difficult job in the world, in my opinion!!

  3. ya true…….they wan their kids to be in correct path…and thn want thm to enjoy and thn want thm to be disciplned and then they cannot do all these without being harsh sometimes….which they dun wan to be.

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