Child Discipline

Sometime ago, Alec Baldwin was heaping criticisms upon himself and is trashed about for his “voracious berating” of his 11 year old daughter, where he called her a “thoughtless little pig”.

As a newspaper article in The Straits Times [Singapore] recently pointed out, a lot of Asians don’t understand the big fuss. Though lifting a finger against your child in the States can put you into a frying pan for traumatizing her which would leave her forever scarred; beatings, canings, spankings and most importantly scolding, are the norm of a family life in Asia.

Which begs the question: Which is the better mode of parenting? Is it wise to continue the western way?

I believe that a youngster below a certain age (18-21) is too young to actually know a lot of things. The younger could be spared a long of anguish and later life trouble if properly disciplined at the appropriate time, even if it means having to be caned. Of course, this does not take into account extreme forms of violence but is concentrating solely on an average loving family.

How will children grow up if given a choice on everything from a young age? Confident? Definitely as they have had years of decision making practice. Independent? Undoubtedly as that would be the fundamental reason for giving the child the choice in the first place.

Then what exactly are the disadvantages? A quick glance at American society at present shows the problem clearly. Youngsters smoking, sniffing glue, drugs, have sex at unnaturally young ages, talking about the opp sex and trying to please them the moment they can walk….by adulthood, kids in America have pretty much tried everything there is.

Some, or maybe a lot, of them then decide on a mode of life and settle down to it. But a significant proportion gets bored of living and it’s these people who are the bane of American society at present. Shooting people such that no-one seems to be safe anywhere, muggings, killings, looting…….the list is endless.

I would rather a child be spanked if s/he grows up well to a child given all the freedom when growing up and ending up not knowing how to conform to rules and live a peaceful life. For after all, we live for a miniscule sand of a time in this vast ocean of the world, and it’s not worth living that minute lifespan causing trouble to one and all.


A vain plea

The bane of existence,
The precursor of dreams,
Infatuation! Flee thee!!
And let me be!

Stealer of sleep,
Destroyer of peace,
Infatuation! Flee thee!!
And let me be!

Sequel to Dreams

A simple sequal to my Dreams poem. Coz me thinks; that

Time and tide,
Waits for no man.
But in its splendor,
Brings the span.

The span of nights,
To heal wounded souls.
To start afresh,
And dream some more 🙂


With fluttering heart and bated breadth,
I dream again, of things abet.
A dream that won’t, last the year,
And that’s why; they are called, dreams my dear 🙂

Along with dreams, comes in full wonder,
The sister of dreams, the banisher of fear.
Lovely is her name, peaceful her demeanor,
Hope she’s called, eternal seducer.

For now I hope, and only hope
For all my dreams, to come afore
What else can a soul, do but wait
Pray to hope, and, hope she sways.

Chladni at Rosslyn

Musicians recently unlocked a 600 year old mystery that had been encoded into the walls of the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, the one featured in The Da Vinci Code. The song was carved into the walls of the chapel in the form of geometric shapes that a father-son team — both are musicians and the father is an ex-Royal Air Force code breaker — finally matched to so-called Chladni patterns (see the Wikipedia article on cymatics). The recovered melody was paired with traditional lyrics (translated into Latin) and recorded; the result can be heard in this video (also linked from the musicians’ website). The video also gives a visual representation of how the engravings match up to the cymatic patterns.”

From the Reuters article:

“The music has been frozen in time by symbolism… [The carvings] are of such exquisite detail and so beautiful that we thought there must be a message here.’ The two men matched each of the patterns on the carved cubes to a Chladni pitch, and were able finally to unlock the melody.”

– Slashdot

Curious, I decided to find out what exactly Chladni patterns are.

Turns out that Chladni patterns are named after Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni . It basically involves taking a plate filled with sand, tying a string across the end of the plate and then stringing the string until the plate resonates. At this point, the sand on the plate vibrates and forms various patterns depending on the frequency of the resonation.

The musicians who decoded the song at the Rosslyn Chapel did so by matching the shapes on the walls with various Chladni patterns to get the notes. For example, if the Chladni pattern for E Minor is a hexagon, and a hexagon is chiseled into the wall, then we know that note is E Minor.

Interesting eh? The hobbies people have 🙂 Astonishingly, these dudes have been on this for 27 years!

A Day of Firsts

It’s the first time being industrious enough to go back home and then head for a game

It’s the first time driving alone in Singapore

It’s the first time picking up someone in Singapore

It’s the first time playing with 3potties

It’s the first time falling so badly in court that I could not get up

It’s the first time ditching a game due to injuries

It’s the first time seeing ankles swell to triple their size

It’s the first time stepping into a polyclinic

It’s the first time waiting for a doc for close to 2 hours

It’s the first time getting x-rays for a medical purpose (the other times were entrance to university and job)

It’s the first time spending 4 hours at a medical place

All said and done, it has been a day of firsts 😀

Patent Infringement

There seems to be a surge in patient lawsuits recently, for the most common sensical and mundane of things.

Claiming patent infringement is fine. After all, the patent holder is spent considerable time and resources in developing what is patented.

However, filing a lawsuit almost 20 years after the patents has been infringed, and universally that too is quiet ridiculous!