3 Days Gone

A long weekend gone,
Drowned in the wind.
With nothing achieved,
Nothing to seek.

Sleeping on the soft couch,
Staring at the plain sky.
Thinking of the sweetest dreams,
To help the dreary day pass by.

Reading the most obscure of books,
Watching all good guys fall to crooks.
Soon I find my rested eye,
Begin to droop and oh! so slowly by.


2 thoughts on “3 Days Gone

  1. Nice poem to tell the world how you had spent your wkend.

    Well some ppl say that their wkend just whizzed by that they didnt have time to rest and no time to rest at all. Too many things to do even on a wkend.

    Nice to know that there are some others who actually use the wkends for what it is meant to for. RESTING!!!

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