War and Peace

Read War and Peace some time ago. No words could describe that book.

For the better part of my adolescent, I was under the impression of war and peace being a very dull and drab book which rambles on and on about something or another.

Having picked the unabridged e-book during work out of sheer boredom, I found it to be a highly entertaining, gripping and emotional novel, the kind which makes you tear when someone dies albeit it’s only in fiction.

I especially liked Andrew and was heartbroken when he died. Why are authors so cruel as to make the good folks die or suffer all the time? :/ Somehow he and Anomander Rake in memories of ice portray a charm which is not quite explicable. Among the ladies, notable ones are Fanny in Mansfield Park, Fanny in Far from the Madding Crowd and Cathy in Wuthering heights. Their characters are such that they grip your emotions and feelings instantaneously, regardless of whether they are good or bad people. One wants them to have everything they wished for, everything they are meant to have.

Back to War and Peace :)…the story of War and Peace would have been dissected and analysed gazillion times by far more talented analyst them I, so I shall spare the effort of doing so. But a lovely book.

Nothing to beat Anna Karenina though 🙂


2 thoughts on “War and Peace

  1. Anna Karenina was an absolute loveless book. a tome, and a bloody pain to read. It was disgusting to see the way she threw herself at a man who didn’t care for her one bit while neglecting someone who did.

    So who are you?

  2. Pollyanna:

    On the outset Anna Karenina was just as you described: a loveless book.

    However, its the insight into her thought processes and the why’s of the way she functions which caught me.

    I find it a very romantic book, one of the rare few which I wont forget. Every man to his own 🙂

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