Memoirs of a Madman

Memoirs of a Madman – Gustav Flaubert

Read the above book recently. An entartaining book which talks about nothing in circles.

Memoirs of a Madman was written bu the 15-year-old Flaubert. It was published much later by his friend —.

Its a book written by a teenager who presumes to have seen all that life could offer and is digusted by it. Apparently, according to the introduction, this book is the basis of Flaubert’s masterpiece L’Education Sentimentale.

Admitedly, some parts of the book are really deep and insightful, for the most, its a young mans arrogant and I-know-all view on everything and anything. Flabert goes into depth into his first love; Marie; a married lady with a young suckling child. Needless to say this frenchman does go into graphic details about her and his love for her.

On the overrall, its a light and entertaining book. Nothing even close to his classic masterpiece Madame Bovary but a entertaining book nevertheless. Not worth searching high and low for this book though.

Have not finished reading this yet but could not desist from writing this post seeing that with my present state of affairs, the book is never going to get finished 🙂


What do you think?

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